Company Secretarial

When a company is set up it is critical to keep the company in compliance with the local laws, in particular the submission and filing of annual returns, annual audited financial statements, as well as the holding of Annual General Meetings. Failure to comply will result in the Company and its Directors paying fines and penalties.

Therefore, to help residents and non-residents set up and maintain their Malaysian companies in compliance, we offer the full range of company secretarial services, ranging from:

  • Company incorporation in accordance with the Companies Act 2016.
  • Secretarial retainer services.
  • Provision of registered address.
  • Attending board and shareholders meetings.
  • Submission of annual returns via the MBRS portal.
  • Maintenance of registers of shareholders, directors and officers as required by the Law.
  • Dealing with transfers of shares.
  • Reminders to file annual returns and financial statements.
  • Maintaining the Minutes Books and all other Company records as required by the Companies Act.

We also offer specialised advice on matters related to the Companies Act and secretarial practice, as well as Corporate Governance requirements.

Additional company secretarial services that we provide are:

  • Registration of Foreign Branches.
  • Drafting of a Company’s constitution as per the requirements of the Companies Act 2016.