Payroll Management and Human Resource Advisory

We take care of your human capital requirements and challenges, including payroll management and mandatory statutory compliances and necessities. Our services include:

  • Registration of your Company and the employees with the relevant statutory bodies such as IRB / LHDN (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia), EPF / KWSP (Employers Provident Fund), SOCSO / PERKESO (Social Security Protection for Malaysian Employees), etc.
  • Payroll – Preparation of monthly payroll reports and issuance of payslips, including overtime and allowances if necessary.
  • Statutory calculations and submissions to IRB, EPF, & SOCSO.
  • Advice and preparation of employment contracts in line with the Malaysian Employment Act.
  • Recruitment – On request, we identify candidates for interview and employment.
  • Preparation of annual employee and employer assessment forms to IRB/LHDN.